Our Services
Connectivity where no connectivity exist
In many remote locations across the country, from the sands of Thursday Island to the red dirt of Bamaga, there is no mobile signal or copper or fibre in the ground, making connectivity a challenge. In these locations, AirBridge allows for services delivered to one building to be shared amongst an unlimited number of other buildings as far as 80km away!

AirBridge Networks provide premium network technology services with a focus on long range point-to-point communications with the aim to achieve connectivity where it was previously impossible or uneconomical.

AirBridge technology is about connecting more people than previously thought possible, in speeds not previously experienced. Our solution establishes a high speed connection from the source and shares it out to other locations, for a reduced fixed cost and offering a unified user experience.

Our team of industry-certified technicians specialise in feature-rich, high-speed Wi-Fi implementations, enabling them to service the needs of small businesses, hotels, hospitals, schools and government.
Switching & Routing
Incorrectly configured switches and routes can render the user experience frustrating, slow and unreliable.

We use the latest equipment from Cisco, Ubiquiti and Juniper and, with a holistic environmental view, ensure all devices operate in harmony.

To ensure a successful rollout, we provide a feature-rich, intuitive application layer view of the network and the experience.

Future Ways of Working
The frustration of a slow connection is a shared experience amongst most internet users, but by investing in one robust connection and AirBridging to other sites, the overall experience is significantly and consistently improved.

On the other hand, why go into work at all? With AirBridge, you can connect directly to the office network from home.

At AirBridge, the only thing more important than a strong internet connection is solid customer connections. We pride ourselves on our refreshing service focus, and consistently aim to stretch beyond "expected" to "impressive". We consult on and specialise in network integration, technology, and routing over long distances and at high speeds.
Significant Savings
Large entities in a small geographical disposition.

As each of these locations requires a connection (provider) and a way back to the network (VPN), these multi-faceted connections are often very expensive and challenging due to the need for significant network knowledge.

AirBridge eliminates this problem by increasing the head site capacity and distributing this service to all required buildings. More connections means more instant savings per month.