Our Products

AirBridge Networks provide premium network technology services with a focus on long range point-to-point communications and the aim to achieve connectivity where it was previously impossible or uneconomical.

Our AirBridges provide up to 1.4Gbps bandwidth over total distances of up to 80Km and can be arranged in either a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint environment.


AirBridge Networks specialise in the transmission of IP data over long distances at extremely high speed. This allows for quality data services to be delivered into rural and regional locations, that have substandard or low quality communications. This provides opportunities for remote and regional communities to grow and prosper.

By removing the limitations that living and working in a remote or rural setting can present, forward thinking communications strategies open the possibilities for commerce and enable communities to provide vital up-to-date services for everyone. However our technology is not limited and can be used for inner city working and living to improve performance and save on costs.

Switching & Routing

Incorrectly configured switches and routes can render the user experience frustrating, slow and unreliable.

We use the latest equipment from Cisco, Ubiquiti and Juniper and, with a holistic environmental view, ensure all devices operate in harmony.

To ensure a successful rollout, we provide a feature-rich, intuitive application layer view of the network and the experience.

Wireless Access

Our team of industry-certified technicians specialise in feature-rich, high-speed Wi-Fi implementations, enabling them to service the needs of small businesses, hotels, hospitals, schools and government.

AirBridge Connection

Edge Router

Enterprise Wifi

Edge Switch


Tower & Infrastructure

RingCentral UCaaS

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