Find connectivity where it was previously impossible.

AirBridge Networks provide premium network technology services with a focus on long-range Point-to-Point communications to achieve connectivity where it was previously impossible or uneconomical.

As a holistic and agnostic technology provider, AirBridge employs best-of-breed solutions across the OSI model to ensure a high-performance and reliable backbone in which to transport your data wirelessly. This can include multiple carrier technologies, data aggregators and L7 intelligent next-generation firewalls, all perfectly architected to provide a seamless, reliable user experience.

Our engineers are certified with all major vendors and have extensive enterprise-level networking experience.

The AirBridge™ offering has been successfully deployed to more than 1,750 locations across Australia and is approved under the National Procurement Network Schedule 1.18 and LocayBuy. The service is SLA backed and has repeatedly been the recipient of multiple industry awards and recognitions.

Licenced & Unlicenced Multiple Frequency Options

Experience reliable and interference-free connectivity with AirBridge’s licensed and unlicensed multiple frequency options. Our spectrum choices empower you to tailor your Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint solutions for optimal performance and coverage, ensuring seamless communication in even the most demanding environments.

High Speed Redundant Backhaul Applications

Empower your network with AirBridge’s high-speed redundant backhaul applications, ensuring uninterrupted data flow and mission-critical reliability. Our advanced solutions guarantee seamless connectivity, enabling businesses to maintain their operations with confidence and efficiency.

Hub & Spoke Style Carriage Distribution

Efficiently distribute data across your network using AirBridge’s Hub & Spoke style carriage distribution. With centralised hubs and strategically connected spokes, our solution optimizes data delivery, enhancing network performance and enabling streamlined communication across various endpoints.

Last Mile Connectivity Delivery

Deliver seamless last mile connectivity with AirBridge’s cutting-edge solutions, bridging the gap between service providers and end-users. Our technology ensures reliable, high-speed connections, making sure that homes, businesses, and communities stay effortlessly connected to the digital world.

Alignment and Optimisation Services

Achieve peak performance with AirBridge’s expert alignment and optimization services. Our dedicated team ensures your PTP and PTMP connections are precisely calibrated, maximizing signal strength and network efficiency for a flawless communication experience.

Link Dimensioning and Simulation

Our Team of experts will dimension proposed link sites and model expected performance over both distance and weather variations, unlicenced or licenced.

Point to point connections made easy