Your Certified Peplink Solution Providers

Enhance your Starlink with AirBridge & Peplink

AirBridge stands as the premier authority in delivering top-tier networking solutions, specifically tailored to optimise your Starlink connectivity. As a Certified Peplink Provider, AirBridge excels in crafting reliable and efficient network systems for diverse and demanding business environments.

Whether you’re ensuring seamless internet for a local retail point-of-sale terminal or providing robust connectivity for thousands of passengers on an international cruise liner, AirBridge is your go-to expert.

What advantages come from using AirBridge for combining Peplink with Starlink?

Backup Terrestrial Connections with Satellite

Seamlessly back up your fibre, wired, or cellular Internet connection using Starlink for uninterrupted connectivity.

Integrate Multiple Starlinks in a Single Network

Enhance reliability by connecting and sharing multiple Starlink units within the same network.

Unified Device Management

Effortlessly manage both Peplink and Starlink equipment through InControl, our intuitive browser-based remote management platform.

Starlink-Specific Router Features

Our devices, developed in collaboration with Starlink engineers, include specialized features designed exclusively for optimal performance with Starlink’s network.

Failover from Starlink to SIM

Unbreakable Connectivity

Guarantee continuous connectivity and session persistence without any interruptions.

With Hot Failover, users can seamlessly switch to a standard cellular connection if Starlink becomes unavailable, ensuring zero downtime.

Traffic Steering

Optimise Your Network

Gain complete control over the flow of your network traffic across Starlink and other WANs.

During peak hours, prioritize essential traffic through alternative WANs to ensure smooth operation of critical applications.

Conversely, route high-bandwidth, low-priority traffic, such as file downloads, through Starlink during off-peak hours to maximize the benefits of your data plan.

Bonding with Starlink

Bond Multiple Starlink Connections

Merge multiple Starlink connections to enhance redundancy and build a robust network with unbreakable connectivity. This approach is particularly useful for maintaining reliable connections in challenging environments, such as cruises or remote events, where other solutions may fall short.

Bond Starlink with LTE/Ethernet Solutions

Integrate the bandwidth of Starlink connections with LTE to ensure seamless connectivity in remote areas. This solution is ideal for providing consistent, full-time connectivity in locations where traditional options have proven unreliable, such as mobile or maritime deployments.