Geostationary Orbit (GEO)

A business-grade satellite service designed for Australian businesses.

Enhancing the digital capability of Australian businesses with a business-grade satellite service.

AirBridge Networks is set to offer improved satellite beam coverage, enabling more Australian businesses to access business-grade satellite network services. AirBridge Networks provides a suite of innovative wholesale product solutions that empower service providers to offer high-speed broadband access and service levels customized to suit the needs of businesses.

High-speed satellite broadband internet access

Our Mobility VISP & Private Network solutions provide an asymmetrical Peak Information Rate (PIR) wholesale data speed of 30/5Mbps (refer to ‘Key term definitions’ below) along with monthly data allowances that come with automatic top-ups.

These solutions are suitable for both regular usage and disaster recovery scenarios, providing reliable connectivity when you need it the most.

Connect in the most regional and remote areas

Mobility VISP & Private Network Layer 3 is a portable solution that empowers your business to respond to unforeseen events and adapt to changing workforce requirements.

Its flexibility allows you to quickly adjust your deployment strategy to meet your business needs, enabling you to respond as necessary.

Incredible network reliability

As the only fully Australian-owned operator of space and ground infrastructure, nbn is also the sole provider of wholesale satellite services in the country.

NBN’s investment of $2 billion in satellites and ground infrastructure is specifically aimed at supporting Australian businesses.

Australian based expert business support

At the business NBN Satellite Operations Centre, our dedicated onshore experts manage all satellite connections, service requests, and incidents (as defined in the service level agreement with providers) to guarantee that businesses stay connected when it matters. We assist providers in ensuring that their services are operating smoothly.

Get online anywhere you are with a mobile terminal

Our connectivity solutions empower businesses with the freedom to move across Australia seamlessly. Mobility facilitates the delivery of a wide range of wholesale business-grade mobility-based solutions for providers’ customers.

It is particularly useful for companies that require connectivity on the go, including in remote locations where transportable and unfixed satellite services are necessary.

Redundancy satellite connections as standard

The business NBN Satellite Service is designed to offer businesses high reliability and redundancy. NBN’s satellite network design includes redundant ground infrastructure, ensuring that businesses can maintain connectivity even in the event of equipment failure or other disruptions.

Additionally, NBN deploys VISP services via dual internet links (provided by NBN) at each Point of Interconnection (POI), which improves network availability for businesses. Stay connected when you need it most, even in remote or challenging environments.