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Never before have there been so many ways to connect your business: With AirBridge, experience the power of optimal connectivity.

NBN Accredited Advisors

NBN Co is at the core of connectivity in Australia, our expert knowledge and advice can help you leverage these technologies. Including fixed, wireless and satellite connectivity.

Vocus Platium Channel Partners

Vocus is a Network and fiber specialist and a tier one Telecommunications provider in Australia with real global reach. They are the trusted provider for countless government and enterprise organizations and recently have become the partner of choice for Low Earth Orbit satellite solutions powered by Starlink.

SkyMesh Platinum Partner

SkyMesh has been a long-standing trusted AirBridge partner and specialises in satellite and remote-based connectivity. AirBirdge maintains a strong relationship and works closely with the Skymesh team to assess, design and implement meaningful connectivity.

Aria Technologies Channel Partner

Aria Technologies is a distributor of Unified Communication Solutions to all types of business, which include some of the world’s most popular and advanced solutions. As our iPECS LG-Ericsson dealer they provide the highest quality of hardware to power your business communication.


AirBridge Networks’ agnostic network design approach empowers customers to choose the best-fit solutions that meet their specific requirements without being limited by proprietary systems.

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AirBridge Networks offers holistic solutions that encompass the entire spectrum of network services, addressing various aspects such as connectivity, security, performance optimisation, and management.

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