About AirBridge Networks

AirBridge Networks specialise in the high-speed transmission of IP data over long distances. This allows for quality data services to be delivered into rural and regional locations with substandard connections, in turn creating opportunities for growth and prosperity in remote communities.

By removing the limitations created by the lack of connectivity in rural locations, AirBridge Networks’ communications strategies expand potential for commerce and provide vital up-to-date internet services for whole communities.

Over the past year, AirBridge Networks has implemented quality services where none previously existed, saving our regional customers tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Our staff have over 40 years of combined experience in senior local government and private industry roles, both locally and abroad, and are certified by Cisco, Microsoft, Ubiquiti, CompTIA, Citrix and more.

Beyond this, the cross-pollination of skills ensures all staff are equipped for the unforeseen. Our techs are security cleared, trained in first aid, and qualified to work at heights, as certified cablers, or as onsite welders for emergency fabrication.

We are well-known, respected and trusted advisors in many businesses and communities across Australia.